Here to help driven individuals build a business, brand, and blueprint for their entrepreneurial journey.

About MK

Mary Katherine Stahl is a busy mom, wife, and the Community Manager for the Fit Body Franchise. She has a love for health and fitness and inspires others to be the best version of themselves. At the young age of 25, she started as a member at a Fit Body and it quickly became the best part of her day every day. At the time she was working in an operations role at a real estate firm, which did not provide any sense of purpose. She used that passion and energy she felt at boot camp to open her own location in August 2017.

Today, she has successfully opened multiple Fit Body locations, and continues her journey with ownership as an Mentor and Investor. She also serves as the Community Manager for over 250 Fit Body locations and is the host of the Beyond the Scale podcast. MK is passionate about supporting Owners and Clients to live their best life through prioritizing health and fitness.

MK grew her career and family together, two things that require a lot of time, something we can never seem to get enough of! Being a Mom is her most important job title, though balancing motherhood and work seems almost impossible these days. MK prides herself on helping others move outside of their comfort zone, at the gym, and in all areas of life.

Beyond The Scale Podcast

Hosted by Mary Katherine, the Beyond the Scale podcasts brings you into thoughtful conversations around health, fitness, mindset, ambition and everything that matters beyond the scale.

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Looking for an engaging, motivational speaker to energize your next event, small group gathering, or business conference? Mary Katherine Stahl is a dynamic entrepreneur, Community Manager for the Fit Body Franchise, and host of the Beyond the Scale podcast. A passionate advocate for health and fitness, Mary Katherine has built a thriving career while also being a dedicated mom and wife. She’s on a mission to help driven individuals create a business, brand, and blueprint for their entrepreneurial journey, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on their communities.

Speaking Topics

Inspirational StoryteLling

MK shares her captivating journey from an unfulfilling real estate career to finding her passion in health and fitness. She weaves a powerful narrative of personal growth, perseverance, and success, leaving audiences inspired to chase their dreams and embrace life-changing opportunities.

Balancing Work and Family
MK delves into her own experiences as a busy mom and successful entrepreneur, providing practical advice and strategies for achieving work-life balance. She offers insights on setting priorities, managing time effectively, and nurturing both personal and professional relationships.
Pushing Boundaries
Empower attendees to break free from the limitations of their comfort zones, helping them unlock their full potential. Drawing on her own experiences, MK discusses the importance of taking risks, embracing challenges, and adopting a growth mindset to achieve success in all areas of life.
Customized Content
Understanding that every audience is unique, MK works closely with event organizers to create tailored presentations that resonate with attendees. By aligning her content with the event’s theme and goals, she delivers a personalized, memorable, and impactful experience for all.

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